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Monthly Archives: September 2013

With the high cost of prescription drugs, a lot of people are turning to natural, homeopathic and botanical medicine. Plants have been used in natural medicine for centuries for illness, health and wellness. If used correctly, they are safe with fewer side effects. If you are looking for botanical medicine, herbs, homeopathic remedies and supplements, they can be purchased through a Naturopath doctor. Your Naturopath doctor will take the time to make sure there aren’t going to be any interactions with medicines you may already be taking.

lavender-plantWhat are natural supplements used for?

There are a lot of illnesses and medical conditions which can be helped by using natural remedies. Homeopathic medicine and Botanical medicine, if used correctly, can be extremely effective. In dealing with this, here is a list of a few types of herbs and supplements and what they can be used for;

  • Valerian is made from the dried roots of the plant. It can be used both as a sleep aid and anxiety.
  • Lavender isn’t just for aromatherapy. If used in essential oils, in tinctures and teas, it can aid relaxation, anxiety and depression.
  • B Vitamins are great for cell metabolism and helps to maintain the central nervous system.
  • Vitamin D can help to treat seasonal affective disorder
  • Ignatia is a common homeopathic remedy used in grief

These are just a few from long list herbs and supplements, your doctor can supply you with more.

What about side effects?

There can be some side effects if the supplements are taken in the wrong combination. Your Naturopath doctor can instruct you on the correct dosages and combinations. Also, if you buy your supplements and herbs from an unsafe source, there can be contaminants mixed in and along with the wrong ingredients added. The FDA has a requirement labels that all herbal supplements have to meet. The label should have listed the name of the supplement and who it was made by. It needs to have the complete list of ingredients, the serving size, amount and what the active ingredient is. Just because an herb is a natural medicine doesn’t make it less potent than a prescription drug, so don’t mix the herbs unless under supervision. If you are taking certain herbs, you may be asked to stop taking those 2 to 4 weeks before surgery so there aren’t any drug interactions or bleeding issues which could cause potential problems too.

Remember, the best and safest way to buy your herbs, vitamins and supplements is through a practicing naturopathic doctor, homeopath or a reputable health food store. That way you can be sure the information you receive is correct when choosing what natural supplement is best for you.

Businesswoman painYou may be surprised to discover that there are heavy metals in your body. Mercury, lead, arsenic and even aluminum can build up in your body over time. These metals can cause a host of problems such as neurological conditions, autism and heart disease. There can also be incidents of birth defects for babies born to women who have too high a concentration of heavy metals in their bodies. However, a good Naturopath Doctor can give you heavy metal detox information. Some options which can be used are heavy metal chelation therapy and natural medicine which can remove the contaminants from your body.

What are the symptoms of heavy metal poisoning?

There are varied symptoms which can lead to a heavy metal poisoning diagnosis. You may have unexplained fatigue, brain fogginess and problems with concentration. It can show up as thyroid and adrenal fatigue and numbness or tingling in various limbs. If it shows up as a neurological disorder, you can have tics, tremors, memory loss or even dementia. Since Naturopath Doctors are trained in natural medicine and how the environment affects our bodies, they have methods for detecting heavy metal in the body. A urine test is commonly used to determine past or current exposures to metals. Alternative testing could also include blood or hair tests.

How do you treat heavy metal poisoning?

There are several treatments for heavy metal poisoning and its removal. You may want to talk to your Naturopath Doctor about an internal cleansing of the colon and liver as a first step. Herbs  such as: garlic, dandelion root, burdock, yellow dock, kelp and cilantro could be recommended for liver support. These assist the body in its natural detoxification process, but do not necessarily remove metals. Your Naturopath Doctor will explain how to use these natural remedies.

Heavy Metal Chelation Therapy can also be arranged. This treatment can be administered either orally or by IV at the office. The heavy metals attach to the chelation agent administered and are  then be expelled through feces or urine in this treatment.

To cut down your exposure to heavy metals, you can change your life style and eat organically grown foods and fermented foods, and drink plenty of filtrated water. Prevention of exposure to heavy metals is a good first step to better health.