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There are many reasons why a woman should think about choosing natural hormone replacement therapy. These natural medicine hormones are closer to the hormones your body produces. But how are these hormones made, what do they do, and where can you get them?

Why is natural hormone replacement needed?

natural-hormonesAs a woman starts to age, her hormone level drops. She enters into peri-menopause, then menopause, and finally into post menopause. As the hormone levels decrease and become unbalanced, symptoms appear. Hot flashes, anxiety, mood swings, disruption of sleep and depression are just a few. If left untreated, not only is the woman miserable but there is can be an increase of heart disease and osteoporosis.  Hormone replacement therapy is used to balance her levels. If HRT is used short term, it can help reduce some of the uncomfortable symptoms. If it is used long term, it can help reduce the possibility of heart disease and osteoporosis.

Why use natural hormone replacement?

A synthetically made hormone may resemble what your body makes but it doesn’t match naturally. Synthetic estrogen is made from many sources including plants and animals. However, bio-identical or natural hormone replacements are made differently. The hormone is made from plant sources and then synthesized in a laboratory. They match what your own body makes at the molecular level. The side effects are minimal if any. It’s the best type of natural medicine.

Where can I get natural hormone replacements?

Natural hormone replacement therapy can be found from a Naturopath like me. The natural hormones are made from wild yams. Chemists covert the yams to identical hormones made by the body. The doctor will take a detailed medical history and give you a physical exam. Next blood, salvia, or urine may be taken.  Saliva is less commonly used, as it is not covered by insurance companies. Saliva testing is useful in women that continue to cycle, as salvia tests can be performed on multiple days, rather than a single test day. The doctor will discuss with you if you want the hormone delivered by mouth by a lozenge or as a topical cream or gel. Once the decision is made, your doctor will contact a compounding pharmacy. This type of pharmacy will make your customized hormone treatment preparation to your doctor’s specifications.

By making informed decisions about what you put in your body, you have control of your health for now and for the future.