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There are numerous diseases related to being overweight, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer among others. In addition, carrying a few extra pounds effects your energy, sleep, digestion, and self-image. There are many weight loss programs available to the public which can be confusing to even the most informed consumers who are interested not only in losing pounds, but keeping those pounds off. The most effective weight loss programs focus on teaching people how to eat with real foods, the correct portion sizes, beneficial nutrients and exercise.

Dr. Jennifer Gentry offers just such a program that is physician-guided to give you the individualized structured support you need to lose the extra weight and maintain that long-term.

Patients are instructed on how to eat balanced protein and carbohydrate meals using whole foods in order to lose body fat while maintaining lean muscle mass. In addition, the structure of the program enables food sensitivities to be identified to help ensure long-term health and success.