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young female having a coldIt’s that time again, cold and flu season has come again.

If you think it’s a cold, and hope to skip that office visit, these are my suggestions for a speedier recovery. All suggestions, as well as a few more, are available at the office.

  • Bio-vegetarian: At the first sign of a cold or sinus infection, take 2 capsules every hour during the waking hours for the first day and then take 5 doses the following day until you are well plus 3 days. These capsules are large and don’t taste great. They are absolutely contraindicated if you are pregnant or may be pregnant.  If at the highest dose you developed a headache with a stiff neck, stop for that day
  • If capsules are not an option for you, and you suspect you have a virus/cold then Elderberry Syrup is another option. This option is great for children too as it tastes nice.  Elderberry doses for adults at 1/2 tsp 5 times per day, again take until you are feeling well plus 3 days.  I often combine this with short term, high doses of Vitamin A and Vitamin D.
  • Cough treatments depend on the type of cough. In the office we carry Herbal Cough Elixir by Wise Woman Herbal for a Dry cough (1/2 tsp up to 6 times per day). I suggest Khella compound for spastic coughs; the cough where you can’t quit coughing and it hurts (60 drops up to 4 times per day).
  • My preferred homeopathic formula for colds and flues is Engystol by Heel. For an adult take 1 tablet every hour up to 12 times per day.
  • Use the warming socks treatment for a good night sleep and to assist the fever.
  • We also offer the standard Meyers IV and our Super Immune IV’s. These are 30 minute IV protocols that provide 25,000 mg of Vitamin C plus B vitamins and electrolytes. The Super-immune has added extracts of an anti-viral derived from Licorice Root.

If you are using any of the above, and not getting better, then you need to see a doctor.

Call 623.251.5518 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jen immediately if:

  • have a fever of 103F or more
  • feel too ill to drink adequately
  • have any of the signs of dehydration
  • are still feverish after 72 hours
  • have difficulty awakening, confusion or delirium
  • have rash with fever
  • have a stiff neck
  • have difficulty breathing
  • have a sore throat lasting more than 7 days

Prevention is best, wash your hands, get enough sleep, avoid sugar and eat your fruits and vegetables.

Best of health!
-Dr. Jen